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In Navan, our team process both Irish hardwood and Irish softwood firewood onto 1.7m3 pallets, in net bags and also as kindling (see ‘Our Product’ page for further detail).

Our timber is seasoned for one year - time is all it takes - then processed and given the final drying in our carbon neutral solar drying polytunnel kilns (also supplied by a local Navan company, Polytunnels Direct).

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Sherlock Warehousing & Trading Limited

Gainstown  |  Navan  |  Co. Meath  |  C15 HX82  |  Republic of Ireland

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Telephone:   046 90 21240

These kilns, one shown above, use the sun (for natural heat) and the wind (naturally circulating in the tunnel) to take away the final percentage of moisture from our Irish firewood. 

Our firewood is a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to oil heating.  1,000 litre of kerosene has a carbon footprint of 0.76 tonne - this currently costs, on average, a whopping €720.  However, 4.7m3 of our low moisture softwood will give the same heat at only €350 and it looks nicer in your garage.  Which would you prefer...a pallet of sweet smelling natural local Irish firewood or foul smelling kerosene?

We do not sell imported firewood, as imported firewood sails thousands of miles on container ships using marine fuel, which is a dirty heavy oil, polluting our estuaries, rivers, seas and oceans - which will (has) inevitably end up in our food chain.

In Sherlogs’ pursuit to lower our carbon impact, we have sourced a power supplier who generates power from 100% renewable sources.  We also use an electric forklift.  All our Irish firewood and Irish woodchip is produced by electricity.

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Take responsibility for your own actions - do not leave environmental issues up to everybody else - it takes a pebble to build a mountain.

Our team, in Navan, gather together all our timber offcuts from our Irish firewood production and produce garden mulch.

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By chipping our offcut timber leftovers in our shredder, absolutely no timber waste is produced in our Irish firewood process.

Garden Mulch
Poly Tunnel supplied by Polytunnels Direct, Navan

If you buy from a local company that sources their timber locally, you are also helping the local economy and employment.

Keep it close - support your local community.

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